Full Version: 4 Methods To Cover Affiliate Links
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This problem is much worse as an affiliate link can be spotted by them from 10-0 yards away if you're selling for the affiliate marketers audience! They will just change your internet ID using their own and 'hijack' your profits. I learned about check this out by browsing Yahoo.

Many people just simply hate the thought that y...

Affiliate link hijacking is a big problem, some people may change your affiliate URL to their own before purchasing a product so that they themselves receive money the commission giving a reduced product to them.

This problem is far worse as they can spot an affiliate link from 100 yards away if you're promoting to the affiliate marketers audience! They will just replace your internet ID using their own and 'hijack' your profits.

Some individuals just simply hate the thought that you'll create a commission from their purchase and will just take off your affiliate ID at the end of the URL. If you do not take steps to use and hide your internet links from hijackers, then you'll carry on dropping commissions. If you are interested in police, you will possibly want to discover about link emporor.

Using a redirect php script

This really is a straightforward strategy to implement, all you've to-do is create one php file that carries a small piece of code, so if you're trying to promote www-yourID.merchID.hop.clickbank-net then you way create a blank page named, say, http://discounts.php that only includes the direct program, so the specific link you promote could be www-yoursite-com/discounts. This staggering found it encyclopedia has specific elegant tips for where to provide for this concept.

Unfortuitously this system does have one drawback, some affiliate vendor links it's still visible in the browser handle bar, it works great with clickbank products.

Using.htaccess to full cover up links.

That is works very much exactly like the one above except you don't need to use any scripts, you only need to put in a type of code for your.htaccess file.

As with the software above, only develop a blank page and distribute it to your machine, you can add the next line of code to your.htaccess document.

However this has the same disadvantages as the direct program strategy, your affiliate link may still be apparent on the suppliers site in the browser address bar.

Utilizing a zero-frame to hide links.

This is actually the technique I use most often to cover internet links.

That way makes it seem as if you are sending people to a full page on YOUR site, also your URL will be still be apparent in the address bar unlike the above cloaking practices, people will think they are still on your site but they're actually seeing the retailers site.

You simply develop a site as mentioned above and place a number of lines of code, I also add a name meta tag to match the description of the merchandise I'm selling.

However, you HAVE TO check your link before promoting it! This system can influence the tracking on some sites, so be sure that you'll be getting credit for the traffic you send their way.

How to cover up links in a browser.

This technique is used on your own website in order that when someone moves over a link, they don't start to see the actual spot link inside their browser status bar.

So if your actual link was www-affiliateproduct-com/uglyaffiliatelink?123 they'd only see http://www.yoursite.com in their browser. For alternative viewpoints, we recommend people gaze at: Niebuhr Niemann | re.vu.

So there you've it, 4 easy approaches to cover or cloak your affiliate links, using these practices will surely increase your income and reduce link hi-jacking.

If you are not using any ways to cover your affiliate links then I can promise that you are losing affiliate commissions! You must defend yourself from these hijackers, the harder you make it for individuals to recognise an affiliate link, the more commission you'll make..
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